Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thinking About Thanksgiving

The other day, I pinned some Thanksgiving table decoration ideas. I've never decorated for Thanksgiving specifically. Instead, I tend to make my Halloween decorations so that they are mostly fall-themed and will last until I pull out the Christmas decorations.

I found a couple of inspirations.

I like this first one (from Midwest Living) because it provides a little bit of glam with the mirror and the candles and a little bit of nature with the oranges, pine cones and pine boughs. This could transition into winter or Christmas, too.

 This next one (also from Midwest Living) uses apothecary jars to display ribbon, coffee beans and nuts. I like the architectural structure and the classiness that the jars provide, while the contents provide texture and the ribbons provide a bit of sheen.

This last one (from Southern Living) doesn't go theme-y. Instead, they have added pears to the table and branches to the buffet. I love the elegance and light, airiness of the room. I also like the symmetry of the pictures around the large mirror as well as the 2 ginger jars around the vase.

I love the 3rd picture, but that style does not really fit my bungalow house; instead, I am thinking about a combination of the first two and then transitioning that to Christmas decorations.

Do you decorate specifically for Thanksgiving?  Nicole

P.S. I went to work on my chalk painted chairs, and scratched the paint off of the arms. So, I need to sand and do the prep work like normal. The chair arms and legs had a fairly glossy finish, and I was trying to take the shortcut way out...

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