Wednesday, October 23, 2013

HGTV's Defend the Trend

I just ran into this hilarious blog on HGTV called Defend the Trend. It looks at various trends and debates if a particular trend is still viable or on its way out. There are posts about the use of barn doors inside, floral patterns, chevron patterns, tree stumps, mustaches on everything, and mason jars.

I'll just throw in my 2 cents...

Barn Doors: These are okay in the right application. I've only seen these online, not in new houses around my area.

Floral Patterns: Get rid of the 80s chintz and many other things are okay. I love my floral patterned china still.

Chevron Patterns: I like this in temporary applications - no tile back splashes! I also like when the two colors are subtle like a light gray and a white. I also agree that herringbone is a more classic pattern as the debate suggested. However, I still don't have either pattern in my home.

Tree Stumps: I still think they look neat in home decor, but probably not my style. I think it will look really dated in 10 years.

Mustaches: I thought these were cute when they first came out and showed up on straws or cupcakes. Pillows? Too much.

Mason Jars: I love mason jars for storage because they keep things air tight. I also enjoy drinking out of a mason jar - lots of good memories with mason jars.

What trends are you still loving and what trends are on their way out?  Nicole

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