Friday, August 10, 2012

Chip-It Tool from Sherwin Williams

Have you seen the incredible tool from Sherwin Williams? Chip-It allows you to upload a picture or submit a URL. Then it does its magic and creates a color pallet (with Sherwin Williams' colors, of course). The website lets you install a button into your Favorites bar so that you can use it when you want, yet keep it out of the way when you don't.

I decided to try it with a few of my blog post pictures because they already had URLs associated with them. Here are the results:
Master Bedroom

Dining Room with Grey Desk

Dining Room with Hot Pink Desk

Dining Room, Bed Room and Living Room

This particular Chip-It comes from a fabric swatch that I found on line.

My dining room's paint color is actually a Sherwin Williams color, Trade Wind. In the second picture it picked up a Dutch Tile Blue, but I was hoping to get the Trade Wind color. This tool has been so much fun to play with, especially since I've started using Sherwin Williams paints lately.

Are you excited about this tool? Would you use it to help create a color pallet? I'm having fun with it!
Note: I am not associated with Sherwin Williams and have received no compensation for this blog post.

Have fun "Chip-IT"-ing and projecting this weekend.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunburst Mirror Revamp

I found a starburst mirror clearanced out at Hobby Lobby, but it was in a wood finish. I have been searching various blogs, and saw some wonderful DIY mirrors, but the shape of the wooden one caught my eye. It just needed a revamp. Here is a quick look at my mirror with just the two colors of gold.

Here is the mirror in its before state:

I went with two colors of gold - the first coat was a gold paint and the second was a liquid gold leafing.

I started with the back edge and then painted the front. Because of all of the details, I realized that it would have been much quicker to spray paint it all. But, I was doing this last week while watching the Women's Gymnastics. I added the gold leafing to help tone down the gold. This was also nicely liquid-y which helped me paint the crevices.

To tone down the brightness, I found some antique gold that I had, wet my paint brush, and glaze the darker color about 2/3 of the way down each "ray". The final result ended up being a gorgeous, subtle ombre effect:

This is the mirror that I had in my dining toom. I like it, but it was too large for the space, and I had my husband hang it too low. Also, when I painted the desk, I thought that the mirror clashed a bit with the desk.

Of course, the old mirror was really heavy and we had to use big anchors to hand it. So, that left a big hole to patch and paint. I've got the first coat of plaster in the hole.
It's amazing how the light makes the dining room color read so with so much more gray than blue.

Here is the final result:

Happy revamping, everyone! (That makes it sound like I should have some kind of a vampire tie in with this post). What are you revamping these days?


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Northwoods Decor

Our recent trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin brought the opportunity to look at the decor that is associated with the Northwoods. There were a lot of log cabin-type of homes. The houses that our group stayed in had stone fireplaces.

Even the ligting fixtures, mirrors and bathroom cabinetry had the Northwoods influence.


There is a bit of a Scandanavian influence in some of the architecture.

 And of course a few Northwoods accessories. I think these could be beautiful for Christmas or winter decorating (even without a Northwoods cabin).

I think that some of the Northwoods decor would be neat as Christmas and winter decorations, but it's probably a bit too rustic for my every day taste. What are your thoughts on this rustic decor?

Happy decorating! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lakes and Flowers and Bears, Oh My!

We just returned from a relaxing Lake Namakagon vacation in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. This was the gorgeous view outside of out cabin.
 And this is the storm that rolled in. The sky was stunning, especially since we were inside and safe from the impending storm.

This was the view from our front door - I loved the assortment of pines and spruces as well as the birch trees that were everywhere.

We ended up with a visit from mama bear and her two cubs. I tried to get a picture, but I tried to do it from inside the house and decided that I really didn't need a picture if it meant going outside! We had a "bear box" for garbage that was supposed to keep out the bears. Mama bear found a way to knock the box over to get the garbage. Unfortunately, she also knocked the box over on one of her cubs during her second visit. RIP little bear...

The natural beauty of northern Wisconsin has its share of wildflowers and water plants.

There were also many beautiful planters. Enjoy the beauty!

The Northwoods is a beautiful, relaxing area. I got into the habit of simply living in the moment and finding beauty in the lakes and the trees and the flowers. Even though the bear scared the bejeebies out of me, there was a beauty in how the mama fed her cubs and took care of them. I'll admit I was more affected by little bear's demise than I would probably admit.

Have you been able to get away on vacation? What's your dream vacation?

Happy relaxation everyone!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Seemingly Never-Ending Kitchen Project

The doors are back on, the drawers are back in and the new hardware is attached. I've got everything put back away!

So, why is this "never-ending" you may ask? We found a great surprise when we were getting ready to put down the new floor. As we were pulling up the linoleum tiles, both layers of linoleum came up. Low and behold...  wood floor!
We thought that we had wood floors underneath, but I thought that it was under quite a few more layers of linoleum. Finding this wonderful surprise ended up slowing us down, though. But I'd say it's worth it!

We had been on track to finish this by the Saturday of my graduation party (I finished my Master's program in December, but got to walk with the other spring grads this May). However, the floor uncovering was a no-brainer and I took back the old tile.

We got the doors and drawers back on, but they really need some more light sanding and another coat of paint. The insides and the trim are so silky smooth, but we needed to install the doors and drawers in order to get everything put away.

I love the cabinet hardware and the color. I also love the wall paint color - it's nice and bright and cheery. I also found this great shelf paper at Target. I only put it on the first shelf of my upper level cabinets because it was a little pricey, but I like how it adds a little fun to the kitchen.

In addition to the wood floor surprise, these are a couple of other surprises that we found. My son, Joey, practice writing his name as a mirror image in permanent marker on the inside of my cabinet. He was 4 at the time. (The "J" is on the right) My husband dated this - it was fun to revisit it and we left it there, although I did paint over it again.

We re-found this brackets in the basement - these same style of brackets are on the outside of our house. I'm going to use these as a decorative element in a set of shelves that I still need to sand, paint and install.

I thought I would share a tip in regards to sanding between coats. Don't use steel wool if you have a white or light colored paint. This is what happened:
It rubbed silver all over the white trim. I ended up sanding lightly with 220 grit sandpaper and then painting again. The white paint migh have covered it, but I will admit to being a little disconcerted with the color.

After my party, I ended up taking a break from the kitchen (and from blogging). My hands were tired and I was tired - done with the whining now.

Here's what else we have in store for us:
  • lightly sand doors and drawers and then add the second coat of paint
  • remove the glue from the wood floor
  • re-finish wood floor
  • install open shelves and brackets
  • re-install puck lights under cabinets
  • paint back door
  • install painted trim (already painted at least)
  • install painted bead board (alread painted)
  • touch up wall paint
The good part about this list is that the intensive work is completed (except the wood floor refinishing). There is a light at the end of the tunnel. YEAH!

Happy projecting -

Monday, May 14, 2012

Yard beautification

What a lovely Mother's Day! My sons helped with some planting, my daughter helped with painting the kitchen, and my husband kept up his seemingly endless cabinet sanding project.

My family got me this lovely geranium and calibrocha basket. The geraniums have subtle pink and red striping.

The boys planted my planters with these flowers: a burgundy verbena, a coral-orange calibrocha, and these small white blossoms that I forget the name of. After I made my tangerine wreath for the front door, I wanted to try to stick in a similar color family for my flowers in my front yard.

They also planted these light coral geraniums in the ground.

Here is the mophead hydrangea in my backyard. Don't worry that she is looking a little wilted - she had a nice drink of water after this picture!

I am really trying to get mostly perennials in my backyard, so I added these Veronica spikes to my Creeping Jenny in my planter. Amazing how much the grass and clover show up in this picture.

As far as the kitchen goes, I got the second coat of paint on the cabinets and trim. My daughter and I painted the ceiling and walls yesterday. We got one full coat of paint on everything, and started the second coat. I had to stop when it turned dark because I have the light bulbs out of the light fixture.

When we started painting the kitchen yesterday (see post on paint color choices), all three of my kids said to me "Mom, it's white!" It's a creamy white color because I wanted to do a fairly low contrast paint scheme. They cracked me up, because the only white we have had in the house is white trim in our upstairs, and I think they were worried. I assured them that the paint actually did have some color. It really looks fresh and airy and I can't wait to show you pictures of the final product. Of course with the freshly painted cabinets and walls, the countertop isn't looking as good, and the appliances (almond color from the 90's) look dingier. But that will definitely be a project for another time...

I hope you all had a good Mother's Day, no matter if you are a mom, grandma, aunt, friend or someone else who loves and is an important part of someone's life.


Friday, May 11, 2012

A new light shines

I happened to be at Walmart the other day and went down the lamp shade aisle. I found this burlap shade that had a simpler line than the old shade. It was only $11, too, so that was a big plus.

This was the earlier lampshade.

I tried updating an old lamp that had a fau cherry base, white, black and shiny brass with gold spray paint. I loved the look of the gold, but not with this lamp shade.

I like the burlap shade, but as I look at this, I think I need to add in some color other than brown!

I ended up taking a break from the kitchen project tonight, and I'll admit that it feels great. Back at it tomorrow.

Happy project-ing this weekend, everyone!


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