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Cranberry Cake Yumminess

I was at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago and found a yummy-looking cranberry dessert in the frozen food section. Since I was 3 hours away from home and the nearest TJs is 90 minutes from my house, I said "good-bye" to it and Googled a knock-off recipe when I got home. I found this Nantucket Cranberry Cake recipe on King Arthur's website. I have no idea if this version is the same as the TJ one, but it was so delicious that it is going to become part of my holiday tradition! It was that combination of tart-but-not-too-tart and sweet-but-not-too-sweet with a cake-cookie crust delicious dessert.

My effort didn't look much like the picture on the King Arthur website, which I attribute to using a 9" pie pan rather than a 10" pie pan. I also simplified the recipe a bit. Next time, I will try the 9" square cake pan or a souffle pan because it did overflow. Thank goodness for parchment paper underneath!

Nantucket Cranberry Cake Recipe(adapted from King Arthur…

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