Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lovely gray sewing machine table

Oh this little sewing machine table - she was another garbage rescue. This time I was at my parents house, nearly 3 hours away. She was sitting out for the garbage at the neighbor's house - like a fallen, French provincial beauty. Look at her now:

I've never used the sewing machine in this, but I think it needs to stay in there to give a little bit of weight to the table.

I don't have pictures of her in the white and gold French provincial finish with the yellowing varnish because she has been around almost 10 years. However, I did go through a decorative paint finish. This is how the first renovation looked:

This paint color is from Rustoleum and is Stone Gray. I lightly sanded the finished because I splattered some paint which create texture on this. Also, the paint had chipped in a couple of spots. I am really pleased with how it turned out. I think this picture provides a little more true to life color.

One more look at this:
She is going to go into my dining room once my kitchen reno is finished and I can clear out the dining room.

Happy "junking"!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This weekend's project wasn't glamorous and certainly hasn't yielded many results yet. One of the simple things that I did was add curtain rings to my living room curtains.

Not a big deal or even difficult, but it makes it so much easier to open and close these drapes! When I would try to open or close them before, I would move the curtain rod and managed to knock it down a couple of times. These rings also let me open these far enough that you can't see the panel from the street.

Now, the kitchen update. My biggest tip for this process would be to do this when you don't have 5 weekends in a row that are scheduled with concerts and track meets and rehearsals and birthdays... :)

Here is where it is right now:

Yikes! I've spent time scraping, sanding, stripping, scraping, mineral spiriting, scraping, sanding. And I still find spots that have bumps or loose paint. I think I should be able to start priming this week and then things should move along more quickly because that's the fun stuff!

On a good note, Menard's (a midwestern home improvement sale) had hardware on sale. Things that were up to $2.49 were eligible for a full rebate. So, I got 10 knobs for the cabinets (and therefore free) and 10 knobs that are a bit larger and will be for the drawers.

I'm excited to get these on the cabinets and drawers!

What tips do you have for kitchen remodels?

Happy renovating!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Into Summer with Tangerine

I redid my front door wreath this past week:

 I like the colors, but thought that the straw wreath was a little too "kitschy".
Also, my mom, who is a floral arranging goddess, suggested that the straw wreaths were a little outdated. She gave me the idea of tearing apart the grapevine wreath.

To make this wreath with grapevine, I cut away the "support" grapevine.

I started cable tying the larger flowers to the grapevine and then added in the medium sized flowers and the smaller flowers.

I like to make sure that the flowers are very 3D and pop off of the wreath. So, I twist and turn to get that to happen. I added a cable tie loop to the back of the wreath, and I cable tied some of the loose grapevines together.

It's a happy front door!

Have a great day - Nicole

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pebbled Mirror Inspiration - only $6.42

This was a Dollar Tree project that cost $6.42 (4 bags of glass pebbles and 2 packs of Super Glue gel) and utilized some items that I had around the house.

The mirror was from our bathroom remodel and had been under my bed for a year. I also used some liquid platinum leafing that I had.The project took about an hour in total, but I had to head back to the Dollar Tree for the 2nd pack of Super Glue. I got a little globby with the large pebbles and realized that a little goes a long way!

This was my inspiration:
Lamps Plus Stratus Mirror Pebbles: Source
I started with an old oak mirror that was left from last year's bathroom remodel. I had spray painted this gold, but didn't think I could tape off the glass. I had aimed for the edges, ended up spraying it all and then had to scrape the spray paint off of the glass.

I laid out the glass pebbles on the gold frame, but decided to paint the frame with some liquid platinum leafing that I had left from another project. I thought this color would get me a little closer to the inspiration piece.

I added the larger glass pebbles by gluing on with Super Glue gel. I let the single larger pebbles hang over the edge and also glued in groups of 2 and 3. I tried to keep a random patter while spreading out the larger pebbles. I added the smaller pebbles, letting them hang over the edge and nestle together.
Here is a look at the detail while it is in process:

In reality, the finished mirror does not look like the inspiration piece because I didn't find little mirrors at the Dollar Tree. I think craft stores have the smaller mirrors, though, and that might be something to try another time. I really like the texture that I got from the glass pebbles.

CAUTION: Take care and use common sense in using this around small children. The pebbles seem well attached, but I am afraid that they could pop off and pose a choking hazard.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Duck, Duck, Adieu

A thrifting adventure with my mom and dad yielded this exciting result:

Of course, these did not look quite like this when I purchased them. My kids were surprised at the ducks when I brought these home. I feel like this is a tribute to the 80s country decor movement! The paint finish was smooth, and I thought that the lines were simple and elegant. In other words, a perfect candidate for a spray paint makeover.

I cleaned these with a degreaser and  primed with a spray primer. Then I went with the Heirloom White spray paint stand by. Here is one more look at these beauties:

I think these will look great in my kitchen refresh (which is taking MUCH longer than I anticipated).

Adieu to the ducks. Have you had any recent thrift store finds?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zinc-Look Container

I have seen some zinc accessories lately and started contemplating how I could recreate something with what I have. This is a garden container that I bought clearanced out at Target 8 or 9 years ago. I now use it to store facial cleansers and hair products in my bathroom.

Here she is in her finished form:

This is the table I used for my inspiration
Wildflower Organics:: Saw Horse Zinc Dining Table
Here is the container before:

I used these 3 spray paints that I had on hand:
  • Gray primer
  • Silver spray paint
  • Black spray paint
I first sprayed it with gray primer.

Then I held the silver paint nearly 2 feet from the container (there was no wind out) and lightly began to layer the silver. I did the same with an even, light coating of black. I kept going back and forth between the two colors, but made certain that I could still see the primer layer. My last coat was a very light coat of gray primer again because I wanted to knock down some of the shine.

Here is a close up of the texture and sparkle which is a little closer representation of how it actually looks.

It's not the exact same color and sheen as the table, but I am pleased how it turned out.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Living Room Refresh

What do you get when you hang some new curtains, add in a cover for the couch, some new throw pillows, and "Pure Gold" spray paint? You get a living room refresh!

Here is the living room before:

Notice how the couch is looking a little ragged? The "perpetrator" is sitting on the couch in the "after" picture above...

Here is a close up shot of some more damage my little Sassy has made. She likes to look for her ball.

I contemplated using our tax refund to purchase a new couch, but decided that my little "perp" wouldn't realize that the couch was new.

I bought some "Pure Gold" spray paint and spray painted a lamp base, a picture frame and an architectural accessory.  

The curtain panels make a huge difference and were a bargain that I found clearanced out at Target in September - yes, I had them nearly 7 months (see this post). The swags were nearly 19 years old.
 This refresh didn't cost a lot of money, but I think it made a big difference!
How are you updating your living room these days?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hanging the Curtains

As part of my recent living room refresh, I updated my window treatments with curtain panels that I found clearanced out at Target for $6.24 a panel!  They are a lovely shade of gold with a tone-on-tone paisley pattern. The curtain rod is an antique gold color.

Here is the before shot. My mom and I made these over 18 years ago. I added the matchstick blinds 4 or 5 years ago. It took me a while to want to part with these because they took so long to make, and they have some sentimental value. They were, however, quite outdated.

To hang these, I determined how far from the window trim that I wanted the rod to go. I went up 4" and out 5" from the corner. I cut a 4" X 5" rectangle from the corner of a piece of cardboard. I placed the cutout piece of cardboard at the corner of the cutout and put a hole in the corner (see picture).

The cutout served as a guide on the trim. I put a pencil mark in the hole. This served as my guide to pre-drill the hole.

I hung the rod supports, popped the curtain panels in the dryer to release the wrinkles, placed the panels on the rod and hung up the rod.  Here is another look at the after:

I love the cost, but more importantly, I am so pleased with how they turned out! See the rest of the living room tomorrow.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Love/Hate Relationship with Green

I have a love/hate relationship with the color green. Of course, the color of money is always nice. And I love the spring color of grass because it is so vibrant and is how I picture Ireland. But the 90s killed the color green for me. It seemed that everyone had forest green and burgundy in their houses or as part of their outside color scheme (tan siding, green shutters and burgundy accents anyone?)  I think I just got over "greened" with forest green.

I found myself softening towards the sage-y green in the 2000s, but still couldn't go there. I'm finding that nearly 20 years later, I have started to introduce a little bit of green.

My parents bought me this collection of Louisa May Alcott books a long time ago - they probably qualify as antiques now. I love the green color and the sentimentality, and of course, Little Women is a classic that I love. The colors work well with my bedroom.
This is my bedskirt that I made and added a hint of green to:

Here is a bowl that I found on a trip to St. Vincent de Paul's. I won't use it for food, but I think it adds a nice pop of color to my blue dining room.

The candles are a shiny beaded green.
My other green in the dining room comes from these glass pebbles. It's subtle, but I love the color.

Finally, on my front porch is this cute little pillow that I bought at Target last year:

I love the look of plants in every room because they just add so much life to the room. I've slowly introduced the green color into other aspects, and I like how it looks. With apologies to Kermit, it's getting easier to be green in my house!


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