Monday, April 2, 2012

Master Bedroom Refresh - After

I've been working on lightening up my master bedroom with a refresh and here it is:

Here is what the bedroom looked like before:

This project started with the down-alternative that my sister got me for Christmas. I followed it up with a few projects.
I liked the paint and the curtain colors, so I did not change those out (this time). I "made" a new bed skirt, chronicled here. This was an inexpensive and simple upgrade to a plain, white bed skirt.

I made a headboard, with my husband's help. Check out the process which includes my plan sketched on graph paper.

I spray painted some of the accessories in the room and featured these when I went a bit crazy with Heirloom White. The spray painted accessories are on either side of the window. The decorative pillow has a pale slate blue background and has some green, gold, tan and white in it. I got this from Target, and I like it more each time that I see it.

The final project is the "S" in the Heirloom White frame. This was just an inexpensive document frame that started out in oak and that I tried to white wash a long time ago. I updated it by spray painting the frame. Then, I created the "S" in a Word document and set the font to a size of "600". This font was either Times New Roman or Georgia. I printed both out, but can't remember which was which. My lamp was a great find from the St. Vincent de Paul store. I had thought about spray painting the bottom of it, but it is a touch lamp and I was worried that the paint would interfere with the touch feature. It stayed the same.

Here is the after shot again.
Last week, I blogged about spring being in the air.  Here is the weeping cherry tree in all her blooming glory (about 5 weeks early):

How are you refreshing your house for spring?

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  1. Hi Nicole! Found your blog on 320 Sycamore and so glad I did. I'm in the constant process of lightening up my home and it's a chore for sure! I see you are in the Midwest, do am I. Always great to see mire Midwest ladies blogging. Look forward to following you.

    Andrea xo

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I will check out your blog as well. I've had fun doing this and it makes me more accountable for getting projects done!

  2. Definitely looks lighter and fresher now! Love that headboard!

    1. Thanks, Sharon. The room makes me happy when I walk in there. I enjoy your blog.

  3. The headboard is so gorgeous and making the whole and room so fascinating! I loved your too much. I often use white color for home decoration and already got some white bedroom furniture but thinking to have the above one as my bed but in white. I hope, can get it. Anyway, thanks for sharing this!

  4. Thanks, Carol! It was surprisingly easy to make with the right tools. I love the link to the white bedroom furniture. I have the materials to paint my hand-me-down dining room chairs white as well. Just gotta find the time.



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