Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Living Room Refresh

What do you get when you hang some new curtains, add in a cover for the couch, some new throw pillows, and "Pure Gold" spray paint? You get a living room refresh!

Here is the living room before:

Notice how the couch is looking a little ragged? The "perpetrator" is sitting on the couch in the "after" picture above...

Here is a close up shot of some more damage my little Sassy has made. She likes to look for her ball.

I contemplated using our tax refund to purchase a new couch, but decided that my little "perp" wouldn't realize that the couch was new.

I bought some "Pure Gold" spray paint and spray painted a lamp base, a picture frame and an architectural accessory.  

The curtain panels make a huge difference and were a bargain that I found clearanced out at Target in September - yes, I had them nearly 7 months (see this post). The swags were nearly 19 years old.
 This refresh didn't cost a lot of money, but I think it made a big difference!
How are you updating your living room these days?

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