Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blackberry Scone Goodness

Oh my. I prepared these Blackberry, Lemon-Glazed Scones for Sunday morning's breakfast. They are simply delicious and do not need other descriptors.

I found this recipe from Feasting at Home. These pictures are my own, but Sylvia's photos are as beautiful as the scones are delicious.


I followed most of her suggestions and used Greek yogurt instead of the sourdough starter. I also froze the dough for only one hour prior to cutting. I opted to use frozen blackberries. I was out of parchment paper and opted to use foil to line the pan. Don't do this! No surprise that it made the scones difficult to pull off because the blackberries and lemon glaze acted like glue with the foil...

Here is how the scones looked after freezing and slicing but prior to baking.
One last glimpse of the tender, delicious goodness:

What are you cooking up this weekend?


Thursday, July 11, 2013

A little spray paint and a tablecloth

One thing I noticed with refinishing hardwood floors is that the floors look so good that it makes your older stuff look really bad in comparison. But, ahhhhh, the power of spray paint and a little fabric.

I have two styles of chairs in my dining room. The first style was four oak windsor-type chairs. I bought these from the college that I work at for $10 a piece over 15 years ago. The other is the matching set that came with our table, which we inherited when my husband's grandmother passed away. This particular chair had a dark brown stain and a dark brown faux leather seat cover.

One of the windsor-types of chairs was outside for awhile and the finish disintegrated. I sanded it smooth and then pulled out the trusty Heirloom White spray praint from Rustoleum. I also primed with spray primer. Each chair took about one can of spray paint. One last thought on the Heirloom White - shake, shake, shake and shake some more. I find that the pigment doesn't seem to mix in as easily with this color and can leave a rough splotchy finish if you don't mix it enough. I haven't had this issue in any other color or brand.

I also purchased a tablecloth from Target's Threshold brand. This formed the fabric of the seat.

Here is one last look at the finished chairs:

What are your go to "fixer-upper" techniques? I love my spraypaint... 

Happy DIYing!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Lovely Shade of Gray

My living room was in desperate need of color and it just needed new paint. Hello tan, white and brown and more tan and brown. My accessories even seemed to be brown or espresso.

Living Room - Before

Don't get me wrong, I  liked the Laura Ashley Sand 3 color for over 10 years. It just started to look a little outdated, and my living room was, in a word, monotone. So I scoured blogs, Pinterest, my Sherwin Williams store until I decided on these four gray paint choices from SW:

I didn't paint samples on the wall, but instead taped the four samples in different spots in the living room so that I could see it during all parts of the day, near the windows and curtains, by the stairs, by the front door, how it played with the dining room...

I decided against Silvermist because it read a bit too dark in my living room. I also thought it seemed too blue. The samples above look so gray, but I took those pictures in natural light and away from my amber colored wood trim.

I decided that Sea Salt was a little too light in the living room, even though it was probably my favorite in the Sherwin Williams store.

I kept Contented and Comfort Gray around and kept going back and forth between the two. Contented had a lot more of the green undertones, and I have a love/hate relationship with green. I really liked how Nester's Comfort Gray worked with her sofa because the sofa looked about the same color as my living room drapes. That's what I decided to go with.

I left the ceiling as Laura Ashley's Sand 1 because it was in good shape. Here is the first coat:

The first coat almost looked fluorescent against the old Sand color, but my daughter (and paint cutter-inner) and I persevered.

I love the new paint color. It's a tranquil, but airy gray with a lot of blue undertones.
Living Room - After

I still need to purchase a sofa and will probably move the piano back across the room. I may repaint the ceiling so it matches the dining room ceiling, which is a creamy white instead of a light beige.

My living room paint color brings me so much joy!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!


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