Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blackberry Scone Goodness

Oh my. I prepared these Blackberry, Lemon-Glazed Scones for Sunday morning's breakfast. They are simply delicious and do not need other descriptors.

I found this recipe from Feasting at Home. These pictures are my own, but Sylvia's photos are as beautiful as the scones are delicious.


I followed most of her suggestions and used Greek yogurt instead of the sourdough starter. I also froze the dough for only one hour prior to cutting. I opted to use frozen blackberries. I was out of parchment paper and opted to use foil to line the pan. Don't do this! No surprise that it made the scones difficult to pull off because the blackberries and lemon glaze acted like glue with the foil...

Here is how the scones looked after freezing and slicing but prior to baking.
One last glimpse of the tender, delicious goodness:

What are you cooking up this weekend?


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