Thursday, July 11, 2013

A little spray paint and a tablecloth

One thing I noticed with refinishing hardwood floors is that the floors look so good that it makes your older stuff look really bad in comparison. But, ahhhhh, the power of spray paint and a little fabric.

I have two styles of chairs in my dining room. The first style was four oak windsor-type chairs. I bought these from the college that I work at for $10 a piece over 15 years ago. The other is the matching set that came with our table, which we inherited when my husband's grandmother passed away. This particular chair had a dark brown stain and a dark brown faux leather seat cover.

One of the windsor-types of chairs was outside for awhile and the finish disintegrated. I sanded it smooth and then pulled out the trusty Heirloom White spray praint from Rustoleum. I also primed with spray primer. Each chair took about one can of spray paint. One last thought on the Heirloom White - shake, shake, shake and shake some more. I find that the pigment doesn't seem to mix in as easily with this color and can leave a rough splotchy finish if you don't mix it enough. I haven't had this issue in any other color or brand.

I also purchased a tablecloth from Target's Threshold brand. This formed the fabric of the seat.

Here is one last look at the finished chairs:

What are your go to "fixer-upper" techniques? I love my spraypaint... 

Happy DIYing!

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