Sunday, August 4, 2013

Black Velvet

I dropped stuff off at St. Vincent's a week ago and decided to go in to see what might interest me. Low and behold: a black velvet painting. The appeal, though, was not in the painting itself, but in the intricately detailed frame. Here she is in her after shot (she will end up being a bulletin board and I will have the "S" out of there):
My original thought was to have this as a piece of wall art in my living room, hence the "S". I want to work on a mini-Family "Command" Center to try to stay more organized this school year.
And here is her before view:

The blue colorings were quite lovely, but the whole black velvet painting style was not mine. My middle son thought that this was really nice and that he would like it in his bedroom. I needed to move quickly so he wouldn't put it up there :).
The black velvet was attached to a rough frame which was attached to the ornate frame. I moved the large staples that were connecting it and spray-primed it and then spray painted Rustoleum's Heirloom White. Naturally, I was on my last can of Heirloom White, but I had 3 cans of Rustoleum's Blossom White. I used that instead. I really like this color of white - it is still a creamy white, but is not as dark as the Heirloom White color.

I covered right over the velvet with burlap. I stapled the burlap to the rough frame and folded the corners as neatly as possible. I pulled gently on the burlap to ensure that it was evenly tight around the frame.

Here's one more look at the before and after:  

And finally, my garden is in full bloom with Asiatic lilies, cone flowers, phlox and lantana. We had a lot of early summer rain, so I think things look really good this year.

My original title for this post was "Elvis has left the building" in honor of the black velvet Elvis paintings that appeared in the 70s.
Have a great week!


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