Thursday, July 26, 2012

Northwoods Decor

Our recent trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin brought the opportunity to look at the decor that is associated with the Northwoods. There were a lot of log cabin-type of homes. The houses that our group stayed in had stone fireplaces.

Even the ligting fixtures, mirrors and bathroom cabinetry had the Northwoods influence.


There is a bit of a Scandanavian influence in some of the architecture.

 And of course a few Northwoods accessories. I think these could be beautiful for Christmas or winter decorating (even without a Northwoods cabin).

I think that some of the Northwoods decor would be neat as Christmas and winter decorations, but it's probably a bit too rustic for my every day taste. What are your thoughts on this rustic decor?

Happy decorating! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lakes and Flowers and Bears, Oh My!

We just returned from a relaxing Lake Namakagon vacation in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. This was the gorgeous view outside of out cabin.
 And this is the storm that rolled in. The sky was stunning, especially since we were inside and safe from the impending storm.

This was the view from our front door - I loved the assortment of pines and spruces as well as the birch trees that were everywhere.

We ended up with a visit from mama bear and her two cubs. I tried to get a picture, but I tried to do it from inside the house and decided that I really didn't need a picture if it meant going outside! We had a "bear box" for garbage that was supposed to keep out the bears. Mama bear found a way to knock the box over to get the garbage. Unfortunately, she also knocked the box over on one of her cubs during her second visit. RIP little bear...

The natural beauty of northern Wisconsin has its share of wildflowers and water plants.

There were also many beautiful planters. Enjoy the beauty!

The Northwoods is a beautiful, relaxing area. I got into the habit of simply living in the moment and finding beauty in the lakes and the trees and the flowers. Even though the bear scared the bejeebies out of me, there was a beauty in how the mama fed her cubs and took care of them. I'll admit I was more affected by little bear's demise than I would probably admit.

Have you been able to get away on vacation? What's your dream vacation?

Happy relaxation everyone!


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