Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Joining the Gallery Wall Ranks

I've joined the gallery wall trend and here's a sneak peak:

I started by arranging things on the floor to get a feel for how things should lay out. Attempt #1 wasn't quite what I wanted.

Attempt #2 was getting closer. I especially liked the gold "S" that had previously been on my front door.

I decided that I liked the two square pictures and the two circular mirrors. I tried to keep an imaginary vertical axis between the two halves. The spacing between the square and the axis is about 1.5 inches.

Here is the 3rd attempt - this is what I ultimately went with.

One more glimpse of the new gallery wall in the living room:

I'll be back to talk about leveling, hanging and selecting frames and objects.

Any gallery walls in your future?  Nicole
I'm linking up at Tater Tots & Jello and Thrifty Decor Chick

Sunday, November 3, 2013

To Paint Trim or Not to Paint Trim - That is the Question

I love the look of white painted trim in a house. I mean, I really love it! But, I seem to be stuck when it comes to painting the trim in my own house.  Why am I struggling with it so much? When we first moved into the house (20 years ago), I was smitten with the natural wood trim. Our kitchen was one of the only rooms with white trim, and I decided to strip the paint. And that, my friends, was a pain in the you know what... Just last year, I painted it back white.

The truth is, painted trim could always get stripped so the wood is back to its natural state.

My husband is open to the idea of painting the trim. It seems that people in the city where I live are attached to natural wood trim.

This picture gives a good shot of the house's trim, but with the old paint color. I've since painted the living room with Comfort Gray.

I decided to take a look at a few houses that show the natural wood before as well as the painted trim after. This might help me with the visualization process.


This house uses a combination of natural wood features and painted trim.
I think every house that I've shown looks better with the white trim. What do you think? I'd love your opinions!! Nicole

Friday, November 1, 2013

31 Day Infographic

The Nester inspired over a thousand bloggers to blog for 31 days. I took that challenge, and focused on gratitude by connecting gratitude to posts about my house, decorating and DIYing. I completed the challenge, even though I missed a couple of posts.

I really like my little house, but the most important thing is not the actual things in the house but the people – the family and friends – and the love, peace and harmony they create.

I reflected on the 31 day process a few days ago so it is only fitting to do a more statistical type of wrap up.  (Note: Since this is my first attempt at an infographic, I used the template provided at this link as a starting point.


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