Saturday, April 5, 2014

Components of Gallery Wall

 I still love my gallery wall that I posted about in November!
Gallery Wall

This was very inexpensive because I re-purposed some items I had and found other items at St. Vincent's. I did end up using Command Strips, because the thought of placing all of those nails in the wall (only to remove & patch them when I got tired of it) was stress-inducing.

I placed each element on the wall with a level. It's all pretty level, but looking at this picture, I see a couple might need re-leveled. The Command Strips will make that easy (and, no, this is not a sponsored post for 3M).

Gallery Wall

1 - I had one frame and bought the other two at St. Vincent's. I used Jenny's tutorial to make these into mirrors with Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint. The two bigger ones had a no-glare type of glass. While I like the effect, they are not mirrored. The smaller one had regular glass and is actually a mirror (and I love it!). In addition to Jenny's technique, I used a light misting of copper and black spray paints.

2 - I created these fall prints from a graphic from the Graphics Fairy and re-purposed some old dragon fly prints I had.

3 - I bought 6 of these circle frames from St. Vincent's. They were a faux-wood plastic. My husband cut out the back from some hard board. I spray painted these Blossom White and added a Dollar Tree mirror into the center.

4 - These were another find from St. Vincent's. The long rectangular mirror got a dose of gold spray paint while the other two are in their natural state (with Christmas snap shots from a downtown Chicago shopping trip).

5 - These were some old architectural things I had around the house. They just got a coat of Blossom White.

6 - This is a print that I have had for a while. It's from a local artist and represents some of the high points of the city where I live. The frame and mat are old as well and simply got a coat of Blossom White.

S - The "S" was from Hobby Lobby and got a dash of gold spray paint (it actually got several other colors first, but I settled on the gold).

I would say that this wall cost me about $35. Most of the cost involved the Command Strips.

Happy hanging!
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Spring!

After all the snow and extreme cold and polar vortex and ice and frost and mittens and hats and scarves and...

Spring has arrived!

Spring Front Door Wreath

To make this spring front door wreath, I started with an inexpensive grapevine wreath. I cut and removed the main, thick supporting grapevine that keeps the wreath together. Then I fanned it out to give it an airy look. I also cut apart all of the bunches of flowers, eggs, greens, etc. I applied each individually with hot glue and covered the glue "blobs" with moss. Finally, I added the cute little turquoise ladybugs (from Michael's) and the green filigree egg (from Pier 1). Some of the parts needed a little more stability (like the egg), so I engineered the parts together with green pipe cleaners and covered with more moss.

I really want to spring clean and clean up my yard and work on painting my house and paint my bathrooms and install board & batten in my master bedroom and make a bench in my dining room and paint my dining room hutch and refinish the dining room table I bought at St Vincent's right before this winter set in.

But first, I need to breathe in the fresh air!

What's on your spring to do list?


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