Saturday, April 5, 2014

Components of Gallery Wall

 I still love my gallery wall that I posted about in November!
Gallery Wall

This was very inexpensive because I re-purposed some items I had and found other items at St. Vincent's. I did end up using Command Strips, because the thought of placing all of those nails in the wall (only to remove & patch them when I got tired of it) was stress-inducing.

I placed each element on the wall with a level. It's all pretty level, but looking at this picture, I see a couple might need re-leveled. The Command Strips will make that easy (and, no, this is not a sponsored post for 3M).

Gallery Wall

1 - I had one frame and bought the other two at St. Vincent's. I used Jenny's tutorial to make these into mirrors with Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint. The two bigger ones had a no-glare type of glass. While I like the effect, they are not mirrored. The smaller one had regular glass and is actually a mirror (and I love it!). In addition to Jenny's technique, I used a light misting of copper and black spray paints.

2 - I created these fall prints from a graphic from the Graphics Fairy and re-purposed some old dragon fly prints I had.

3 - I bought 6 of these circle frames from St. Vincent's. They were a faux-wood plastic. My husband cut out the back from some hard board. I spray painted these Blossom White and added a Dollar Tree mirror into the center.

4 - These were another find from St. Vincent's. The long rectangular mirror got a dose of gold spray paint while the other two are in their natural state (with Christmas snap shots from a downtown Chicago shopping trip).

5 - These were some old architectural things I had around the house. They just got a coat of Blossom White.

6 - This is a print that I have had for a while. It's from a local artist and represents some of the high points of the city where I live. The frame and mat are old as well and simply got a coat of Blossom White.

S - The "S" was from Hobby Lobby and got a dash of gold spray paint (it actually got several other colors first, but I settled on the gold).

I would say that this wall cost me about $35. Most of the cost involved the Command Strips.

Happy hanging!
I'm linking up at Thrifty Decor Chick's April Before & After party

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