Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Love/Hate Relationship with Green

I have a love/hate relationship with the color green. Of course, the color of money is always nice. And I love the spring color of grass because it is so vibrant and is how I picture Ireland. But the 90s killed the color green for me. It seemed that everyone had forest green and burgundy in their houses or as part of their outside color scheme (tan siding, green shutters and burgundy accents anyone?)  I think I just got over "greened" with forest green.

I found myself softening towards the sage-y green in the 2000s, but still couldn't go there. I'm finding that nearly 20 years later, I have started to introduce a little bit of green.

My parents bought me this collection of Louisa May Alcott books a long time ago - they probably qualify as antiques now. I love the green color and the sentimentality, and of course, Little Women is a classic that I love. The colors work well with my bedroom.
This is my bedskirt that I made and added a hint of green to:

Here is a bowl that I found on a trip to St. Vincent de Paul's. I won't use it for food, but I think it adds a nice pop of color to my blue dining room.

The candles are a shiny beaded green.
My other green in the dining room comes from these glass pebbles. It's subtle, but I love the color.

Finally, on my front porch is this cute little pillow that I bought at Target last year:

I love the look of plants in every room because they just add so much life to the room. I've slowly introduced the green color into other aspects, and I like how it looks. With apologies to Kermit, it's getting easier to be green in my house!

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