Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kitchen Refresh - Part 1

Happy April Fool's Day! My favorite April Fool's prank involves the kitchen. Place a rubberband around your kitchen sink sprayer so that the lever stays down. As soon as someone turns on the sink, they will get a little squirt of water. Of course, my son tried to do this to me a few years ago, but I happened to catch it before I turned on the sink. Prank foiled. I might not find this so amusing if I were already dressed for work, though.

Speaking of kitchens, I have a full kitchen renovation planned out in my head, and even on paper, but figure that is a few years down the road. So, until then, I've decided to refresh. I thought I would share this in steps, and of course the first step is taking it all apart. Perhaps this kitchen refresh post should be known as "taking it apart" rather than "refreshing the kitchen".

I love the look of the white shaker style cabinets and carrera marble subway tile. I also love travertine marble for a floor.  Since I am not going to change cabinets or spend  money on higher end finishes for now, here is what I am going with. The flooring has similar colors to travertine.

One of my favorite designers, Candice Olson, recommends keeping contrast low in a small room so that your eye keeps flowing around the room. (A link to my favorite kitchen of hers) My kitchen is small (10 X 13), but it is really quite efficient.I have decided to go with a creamy white color for the cabinets and trim (similar to what is there now) and the walls will be just a bit darker. I also want to go with a travertine-looking floor for now. I found these great bungalow-styled handles. The cabinets are going to be a Sherwin Williams color called "Greek Villa" (will it remind me of a vacation to the Greek Islands?) I am also going to use "Decor White", also from Sherwin Williams, on the walls.

Here she is before:

A look at the inside - see the paint that is chipping? I haven't repainted the inside since we first moved in, so a little updating is in order:

The floor was a peel and stick tile. It has head up fairly well except in this one area. We used to have a desk in the kitchen and the chair scraped up this spot:

Here is a glimpse at the colors. The trim is a creamy white and the wall is a buttery kind of color. I got the paint color by mixing two colors that I had left from another project.

 Here are the cabinet door and drawer removal in progress:

In cleaning out the cabinets, I found our corn on the cob holders.  We went with fingers last summer. I only found a couple of things that need to go into the donation pile and a couple of food items that were past their prime. Perhaps not a big deal for some, but I am proud of myself for actually going through food items a couple of times a year to find out of date items.

 The remainder of the project goes like this:
  • Patch holes, dings and dents
  • Sand inside, frames, doors, drawers, window frames, baseboards and trim
  • Prime all of the above
  • Paint all of the above
  • Patch plaster on walls and ceiling
  • Paint walls and ceiling
  • Attach new hinges
  • Attach doors
  • Attach new drawer and door hardware
  • Install new flooring
  • Put everything back
This refresh is going to interrupt normal life for a while. How do you deal with home remodeling interruptions?

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