Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This weekend's project wasn't glamorous and certainly hasn't yielded many results yet. One of the simple things that I did was add curtain rings to my living room curtains.

Not a big deal or even difficult, but it makes it so much easier to open and close these drapes! When I would try to open or close them before, I would move the curtain rod and managed to knock it down a couple of times. These rings also let me open these far enough that you can't see the panel from the street.

Now, the kitchen update. My biggest tip for this process would be to do this when you don't have 5 weekends in a row that are scheduled with concerts and track meets and rehearsals and birthdays... :)

Here is where it is right now:

Yikes! I've spent time scraping, sanding, stripping, scraping, mineral spiriting, scraping, sanding. And I still find spots that have bumps or loose paint. I think I should be able to start priming this week and then things should move along more quickly because that's the fun stuff!

On a good note, Menard's (a midwestern home improvement sale) had hardware on sale. Things that were up to $2.49 were eligible for a full rebate. So, I got 10 knobs for the cabinets (and therefore free) and 10 knobs that are a bit larger and will be for the drawers.

I'm excited to get these on the cabinets and drawers!

What tips do you have for kitchen remodels?

Happy renovating!


  1. I added some rings to the curtains in my livingroom and really like how they open now, too! I also redid my kitchen two years ago and I know how much work it is! It will be so worth it in the end!

  2. Thank you for the lovely empathy! I sometimes feel like I am whining about this :) I know it will be worth it in the long run, too.



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