Friday, August 10, 2012

Chip-It Tool from Sherwin Williams

Have you seen the incredible tool from Sherwin Williams? Chip-It allows you to upload a picture or submit a URL. Then it does its magic and creates a color pallet (with Sherwin Williams' colors, of course). The website lets you install a button into your Favorites bar so that you can use it when you want, yet keep it out of the way when you don't.

I decided to try it with a few of my blog post pictures because they already had URLs associated with them. Here are the results:
Master Bedroom

Dining Room with Grey Desk

Dining Room with Hot Pink Desk

Dining Room, Bed Room and Living Room

This particular Chip-It comes from a fabric swatch that I found on line.

My dining room's paint color is actually a Sherwin Williams color, Trade Wind. In the second picture it picked up a Dutch Tile Blue, but I was hoping to get the Trade Wind color. This tool has been so much fun to play with, especially since I've started using Sherwin Williams paints lately.

Are you excited about this tool? Would you use it to help create a color pallet? I'm having fun with it!
Note: I am not associated with Sherwin Williams and have received no compensation for this blog post.

Have fun "Chip-IT"-ing and projecting this weekend.


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