Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunburst Mirror Revamp

I found a starburst mirror clearanced out at Hobby Lobby, but it was in a wood finish. I have been searching various blogs, and saw some wonderful DIY mirrors, but the shape of the wooden one caught my eye. It just needed a revamp. Here is a quick look at my mirror with just the two colors of gold.

Here is the mirror in its before state:

I went with two colors of gold - the first coat was a gold paint and the second was a liquid gold leafing.

I started with the back edge and then painted the front. Because of all of the details, I realized that it would have been much quicker to spray paint it all. But, I was doing this last week while watching the Women's Gymnastics. I added the gold leafing to help tone down the gold. This was also nicely liquid-y which helped me paint the crevices.

To tone down the brightness, I found some antique gold that I had, wet my paint brush, and glaze the darker color about 2/3 of the way down each "ray". The final result ended up being a gorgeous, subtle ombre effect:

This is the mirror that I had in my dining toom. I like it, but it was too large for the space, and I had my husband hang it too low. Also, when I painted the desk, I thought that the mirror clashed a bit with the desk.

Of course, the old mirror was really heavy and we had to use big anchors to hand it. So, that left a big hole to patch and paint. I've got the first coat of plaster in the hole.
It's amazing how the light makes the dining room color read so with so much more gray than blue.

Here is the final result:

Happy revamping, everyone! (That makes it sound like I should have some kind of a vampire tie in with this post). What are you revamping these days?


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