Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Home Improvement Goal is Checked Off the List

I created a couple of Home Improvement goals for 2012 and can finally check one off of the list! The once hot pink desk is now a lovely shade of gray, London Gray by Rustoleum, to be exact. I also found this shiny chrome handle and shiny chrome, square pyramid handles.

After with new paint, handles, a lamp and a few accessories

The hot pink version

This dresser has a funny story. My neighbors across the street had a big family and as one child would move out, that child would have the opportunity to take their stuff with them. What didn't go would get set out for the garbage. My next door neighbor and I spied a really neat desk and a swing. She wanted the swing and I wanted the desk. It was dark and we were looking over the garbage - I really don't do this often!  As we were there, another car pulled up and brought back a fan that he had gotten out of their garbage but didn't work. We got quite a chuckle out of that and had to enlist our husbands to help haul the stuff. I am certain that they were as over joyed about the finds as we were. The next day, I took over some money to pay them for the desk, and they were so gracious about just giving it to me.

The desk has been it's natural wood color, dark red, hot pink and now London Gray.

For this version, I removed the glass handle and knobs. It had been my intention to reuse these, but the handle dropped and shattered into a lot of pieces.

Then I enlisted the help of my son, and he lightly sanded over all of the surfaces.

Several light coats of spray paint helped to build up the color without runs, drips or errors. 

The desk is just about finished - just needs to finish drying

Here she is - new paint, new hardware, new light and new accessories. That's a lot of mileage out of one free little desk that was destined for an early demise.

Have you found any great finds from the garbage? Or have you repurposed and revisited an item several times?

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