Monday, March 12, 2012

Fabric Covered Buttons

I think that fabric covered buttons can add a look of class to your projects. These are simple to make and do not cost much money.

You can purchase covered button kits at Wal Mart, Joanne's, etc. The kits are very inexpensive. I think I paid about $1.65 for this kit of 5. I laid out the pieces in order. There is a white rubbery piece that acts like a form.
  • Place you fabric so that the wrong side is facing up and the right side is facing the rubbery piece.
  • Place the metal button form into the white rubbery piece. The fabric will wrap around the button form. Smooth the fabric into the button form.
  • Add the back of the button on top of the fabric. All fabric should be hidden by the back of the form.
  • The blue plastic piece goes on top of the  button back. Press firmly. I found myself tapping this gently with a hammer to get it snapped in there once in a while.
A funny note: I first tried to use a denim type of fabric. It was TOO thick and I felt like I was going to break a thumb trying to get the back on the button. I ended up finding a great table cloth at Wal Mart. I loved the sheen and texture of it. These buttons are for my headboard project. Isn't she lovely?

Think of all of the uses on pillow, chairs, couches, headboards, ottomans, picture frames, other crafts, decorations...

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