Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Improvement Goals for 2012

It seems that there are so many ideas and projects, yet so little time! My goal for 2012 is to keep things simpler this year, and that these simple things can add up to a big (and delightful) result. Here are a few of my home improvement projects:

I pulled the pink desk from my neighbor's garbage - I offered them money, but they were excited to get rid of it. I am thinking a tealish-blue or a black.
Pink desk resued from the neighbor

Then there is the kitchen. I need to complete the trim and touch up the cabinets as well as the metal painted hardware.
Oh, my dear kitchen needs a little TLC!

I love this dresser. It is a great storage place for my piano music. The sides need fixed, the paint needs updated. Should it be creamy white, black or espresso?
Dresser in my living room

Ahhh... The tv stand. It is French provincial sewing machine that I decorative painted a few years ago. All of the electronics are a jumbled mess. I need to find a way to streamline all of the electronics and cords.

What to tackle first...

Those are just a few projects I would like to tackle in my house this year!

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