Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentine Wreath

After putting away the Christmas deorations, the house seems a little empty. I thought it would be good to add a little life to my front door and celbrate Valentine's day. I spent $3.99 on the red, sparkly Styrofoam heart. I purchased the small hearts and the Styrofoam disc. I had the hot glue, grapevine, red sparkly circles and ribbon at home. I originally was planning to use some white, heart-shaped Christmas ornaments that I bought at after Christmas clearance. They are what started the project, but I ended up not using them in this wreath. Instead, I think I will place them throughout the house because I have a dozen of them.

Do you decorate your house for various holidays?

Here are the materials and instructions that I used to create this Valentine's Day wreath.

Materials needed
  • Approximately 3 feet of wired ribbon
  • Styrofoam disk
  • Valentine hearts of different sizes - I used one large (6") heart and a "bouquet" of small hearts
  • Other red sparkly decorations
  • Woody or mossy fill
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
Step 1: Create the ribbon

Step 2: Attach the ribbon to the Styrofoam disk by digging the pipe cleaner ends into the Styrofoam. Then hot glue it into place. If you think of the Styrofoam as being divided into quadrants, I placed this ribbon in the center of the bottom right quadrant.

Step 3: Attach the largest heart to the center of the top left quadrant. I dug out a small hole and filled it with hot glue. I held the heart in place for about a minute to let the glue harden.

Step 4: Cut two sections of the grapevine. I used 1 circumference of the grapevine for each section. I placed one end of a section of grapevine in the top right quadrant of the Styrofoam. The other end stays loose to provide some dimension. I placed one end of the second section in the lower left quadrant of the Styrofoam.

Step 5: Begin to fill in the smaller hearts and other red filler. I cut the smaller hearts and filler apart and added in to create dimension

Step 6: Glue the woody or mossy fill to hide the Styrofoam and other glue "blobs". Hang on your wall or door. I used a 3M Command Strip on the front door and actually hot glued the Styrofoam to the command strip to add stability. This wreath is light weight, so it probably needs the stability in the wind.

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