Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tame Those Electronics

I recently spent my first day thrift store shopping. I visited 5 or 6 shops in my community. I was on the look out for a way to tame the electronics for the TV in our Living Room. I found this walnut buffet that is from 1921 at a St. Vincent de Paul store. The best part is that this buffet only cost me $37.50. The store was having a 25% off sale! There is a small chunk missing and part of the veneer on the top has started chipping. I think that with a little TLC, this should be a beautiful piece. I have thought of painting this black. Purists might flinch at doing this, and I will admit that I wonder if I should try refinishing the wood. I think that this would be lovely in black paint with some antique gold handles instead of the white ceramic, 80's style knobs.

I also am contemplating changing the small middle drawer front so that it opens to hold the receiver and DVD player. Finally, I need to do something with the cords, perhaps harnassing them in the back. I am excited for the weather to warm up so I can move this baby outside and start her makeover.

Here is the sewing table that used to hold all of the electronics.

What fun it was to look at old furniture and think of ways to give it a new life.  I'll post pictures of the end results.
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