Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's the Little Things

Little things mean a lot. Especially in the home improvement/DIY realm. In my kitchen, the grout had disintegrated between the tile and the laminate counter top. It just looked dirty.

A little bit of caulk goes a long way, though!

While I don't consider myself a caulking expert, here are a couple of my tips:
  • make the hole in the caulking cartridge smaller than you think necessary because you can always make it bigger, but it's impossible to make smaller
  • once you start with a bead of caulk, keep going
  • your finger and some water does a great job at smoothing out the bead
  • have some heavy duty paper towels or rags to wipe your finger on and to wipe up the excess caulk
I also laid down a back splash in the bathroom with a limestone and glass mosaic. I bought 2 sheets of tile for less than $20. I tried to get the vertical seam to be, well, seamless. I see a lot of applications where the seam is a little bit wider and you can tell right where the sheets stop and start. Even with my efforts, it is not perfect, but I think the center seam looks pretty good.

I used a pre-mixed adhesive & grout compound. I also used a dish scraper to lay down the adhesive/grout and then went back over it with a grout type of comb to give the mix some ridges. I then taped it into place with painters tape while it set up.

After the adhesive dried according to package directions, I grouted it using the same little dish scraper and a sponge to wipe up the extra grout. (And in this picture my hands look just like my mom's hands).

Neither project took very long to do, but went a long way towards making things look more finished.

I am grateful for so many of the little things in my life, especially in the DIY world.

What are the little things in your life?  Nicole

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