Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kitchen Thoughts

I've surprised myself this fall by cooking a lot more meals at home than I have in the past. I tend to want every meal that I cook at home to be super healthy. In my desires to cook super healthy meals, I find myself balking at all of the work it will take to chop the veggies or make my own salad dressing. Instead, this fall I've relaxed a little bit and opted to make meals that are fairly healthy.

I think letting go of my expectations on what a home-cooked meal should be has helped me cook more. I've lost 7 or 8 pounds, but more impressively, I no longer crave sweets and I have more energy. Hmmm...

My thoughts about cooking naturally lead me to the place where I prepare meals which, of course, leads to thoughts about a slight kitchen remodel (okay, it's removing a main support wall to open up the kitchen and the dining room, but that's just a minor technicality).

The kitchen is 10 X 13, has 3 doors and 2 windows. The door on the right swings into the dining room and the refrigerator impedes traffic a little.

One thought is to reconfigure the cabinets at the bottom of the picture and move the fridge to that wall. This would open up the right wall for pantry-like shelves. 

I would loose a little counter space, but the storage that I could gain from a wall of shelves would be enormous. This should also cost less than $100. It would help with traffic flow. This will probably be a project for this winter.

My ideal remodel, though, involves removing that right wall which is load bearing and has hvac running through it. I would also center the back door on the left wall. This should give me a nice galley style kitchen that is open to the dining room. I like my cabinets and would just reconfigure them to get this new arrangement.

In the spirit of gratitude, I am thankful for the kitchen that I do have and that I am able to feed my family. I am also thankful for new insights and for the ability to dream.

It's hard to believe that there are only a few days left in in Nester's 31 day seriesClick here to access the index of gratitude posts.

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