Monday, October 14, 2013

The extraordinary in the ordinary

As I stop and reflect on today and what I am grateful for, I must say that I am grateful for feeling under the weather. I had the headache-body ache-exhausted thing start up at work today and I came home early. I took a nap and read a book for the afternoon and evening. I sometimes think our body just says "slow down, but if you won't, I will make you". I had to just rest and recharge.

I am also thankful for my oldest son who made a short trip home from college this evening. His professor just defended his dissertation, so my son made him a cake to share in class tomorrow. He is such a thoughtful young man.

My middle son complimented my homemade chicken noodle soup because we had the chicken noodle soup mix and noted that "mom's is a lot better". That was unsolicited, folks!

My daughter tried to teach me a dance to some thun, thun song - I wasn't quite up for that, but it was quite an enjoyable moment.

Really, though, I think that being grateful for the everyday things lets me see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

What are you grateful for today? Nicole

I'm participating in Nester's 31 day series. Click here to access the index of gratitude posts.

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