Thursday, October 17, 2013

Grateful for Gatherings of Family & Friends

I am grateful for gatherings of family & friends. I love the fellowship from such gatherings - visiting, catching up, celebrating.

One other thing that I am grateful for with these gatherings is that it provides the impetus for finishing up those tedious home improvement projects. Take this vent in the kitchen, for example. As part of a remodel on the room on the other side of the wall, we pulled out the old vent and replaced it with this smaller one. And this, of course, left a big gaping hole in the wall.
And it sat like that for about 15 years (hanging head sheepishly now). It was always hidden by a table or a cabinet.
Thankfully, my son's high school graduation provided that motivation to finally work on this project!
This was simple beadboard paneling that I lightly sanded, wiped with liquid sander, primed and painted. We also added a chair rail, caulked the gap between the beadboard and the baseboard, and touched up the paint over the caulk and nail marks.
This looks so much better than the gaping hole. Do you find that company provides the motivation to finish some home improvement projects?
I'm participating in Nester's 31 day series. Click here to access the index of gratitude posts.

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