Thursday, October 10, 2013

Edible decor is no more

I have this awesome hurricane vase that my sister bought me from Crate & Barrel a few years ago. I love to accessorize it for holidays and seasons, and this fall was no different. This year, I used candy corn. Or, I should say that I tried to use candy corn. Twice. My family took it as a snack bowl. Hmmm.

So, what's a girl to do? Replace it with popcorn. It's equally as festive, but not nearly as edible in it's unpopped form.

Honestly, though, my children and husband were so darn cute when they thought they were trying to sneak the candy corn. I also tried to decorate with some pumpkin flavored Hershey's kisses in the kitchen. And as you can guess: those didn't make it either.

I am grateful for the sense of humor that our family has (most of the time) and that they put up with my home decorating efforts (mom brought home another project).

This post is one of the 31 days of gratitude series that is part of Nester's 31 day series.


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