Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grateful for... Chalk paint?

Today, I note how grateful I am for decorating and DIY blogs. It's opened my eyes to the incredible talent and incredible kindness in the blog world - people freely share, compliment and offer kind but constructive critiques. Plus, they do it all so beautifully.

One of the blog projects that has peaked my interest is a DIY chalk paint recipe. I decided that I had the perfect chairs from Goodwill because if this doesn't work, I think they would look great with a Ballards-inspired slipcover. On blogs, I usually see wood furniture that is painted, but I happened to stumbled across chalk paint on fabric.  I also found this video of Ms. Annie Sloan herself painting fabric with her chalk paint. Now, I must note that I have never used Annie's chalk paint, nor have I used any other brand. Instead, I found this recipe from Twice Lovely. Since I have never used the original before, I do not know if this works the same or not. I also do not know how durable it will be, but promise to report back both the finished project and how it lasts after a couple of months.

Here are the before and in-progress shots:

1. The Goodwill chair in all her 90's forest green, burgundy, navy and gold glory.
2. The x-bottom base is what really captured my eye.
3. After the first coat of paint has been placed on the wood.
4. 2 coats of paint on the wood, 1 coat on the fabric.

This little jar of paint went really far. Now I just need to lightly sand and do one more coat on the arms and at least 2 on the fabric. I will also use a little bit of wax on both the wood and the fabric.

Diane from In My Own Style tested out several different recipes that you may want to check out as well.

Here is my recipe:

Have you used chalk paint? What do you think of it?  Nicole

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