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How to Motivate Yourself Even When You Don't Feel Like It

Do you ever find yourself saying things to yourself like: I am such a slug. I don't want to. I don't feel like it. I will feel like it tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow.
When you feel motivated, your possibilities feel endless! When you don't, it can feel tough to do even the simplest things. Everyone has different times when they feel motivated.
I have learned that I am most motivated when I wakeup. I take advantage of this with a morning routine. I spend a few minutes meditating and deep breathing, get dressed, spend some time outdoors with the dog or garden or take a walk. Then, I like to write or research. I always enjoy a cup or two of coffee.
I have found that my motivation lags when I check social media or email before even getting out of bed or when I surf the web or start watching TV at night. In general, I feel most motivated "do" before I "consume". For example, I will do the dishes before looking at other blog posts. I will write a blog post bef…

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